You’re running out the door on a snowy morning, you get settled in the car but then realize you’re not sure if you locked your back door. Do you quickly run through the house with your wet snowy boots to double check?  

Snow and salt covered boots are just part of the Canadian lifestyle. We’re all aware of the impact that snow and salt has on your cars and home exteriors but are you aware of the impact that they have on your hardwood floors?  

Tracking in snow may seem harmless but when it melts it can seep between the joints of the boards and cause water damage that can wreak havoc on your hardwood floors over time. Beyond the water from melted snow, salt has a jagged sharp texture. When tracked through the house it can lead to scratches and scuffs on your wood floor. Certain salts are also made with calcium chloride which can have a chemical reaction with your wood floors and cause staining.  

Prevent unnecessary damage and expensive repairs to your wood floors by leaving your boots at the door on a well-protected shoe mat or tray.