Preserving the splendour and lifespan of your wood floors is a big deal, flooring friends. And let us tell you, cleaning them the right way is key to nailing that goal. As wood flooring aficionados, we’ve got some juicy tips to spill on how to scrub those planks without falling into the common cleaning traps. Buckle up and get ready to conquer the battle of wood floor cleaning dos and don’ts!

Water and Wood – A Risky Combination:

We’ve all heard the phrase “water and wood don’t mix,” and when it comes to cleaning wood floors, it’s wise to abide by this rule. Unless specifically recommended by the wood flooring or finish manufacturer, avoid using steam cleaners. The high heat and moisture from steam can cause peeling, whitening, and cloudy finishes, resulting in long-term damage to your beautiful wood floors.

Vinegar and Water – Not the Best Duo:

Unless you love the occasional sticky floor, avoid vinegar and water! In the past, vinegar and water were often suggested for cleaning wood floors with a urethane finish. Times change, and so does solid (wood) advice! Vinegar is acidic, and excessive use can potentially damage the finish, leading to a dull appearance and the occasional tacky residue. Most manufacturers now recommend using cleaners specifically formulated for wood floor finishes and avoiding vinegar altogether. You can reach out to your wood manufacturer and find out what cleaning product they suggest. 

Sweep Away the Debris:

Keeping the bits and bobs off your wood floor with a quick sweep is ALWAYS advised. A decent broom and regular sweep prevents crumbs from scratching or dulling the surface of your floors. 

Quick Clean-Up for Spills:

If you spill it, kick it into overdrive and clean it quickly! Even the best of us are clumsy, and slip-ups can happen with a rouge glass of OJ. If you spill something on the floor, wipe it up quickly – using your manufacturer’s recommended cleaner! Top tip to help keep your wood floors healthy and unstained.

Still Unsure?

If you are new to owning a wood floor, cleaning it might be daunting. We get it! Especially if you are unsure about your wood flooring finish or where to find out what your manufacturer advises for cleaning. Our team of wood flooring experts is here to assist you. Feel free to stop by, and we’ll help you identify your wood floor finish, what will work best for your floors, and offer super secret tips and tricks for the best wood care around. Send us a DM on instagram, give us a call or visit the showroom in Scarborough, Ontario.