Are you an animal lover looking for a durable hardwood flooring recommendation? Look no further.Whether you have cats’ dogs, or rabbits we’ve got the perfect recommendations that are sure to last in a home of furry friends.You don’t need to sacrifice your love for wood floors because you have pets.Softwoods like pine or fir are poor choices for homes with pets. Your pets’ nails will quickly lead to gouges in the floors sealer which will create long shallow dents, marks, and scratches. No amount of site applied surface preparation will shield against your pets’ nails.Below are our recommendations for pet friendly floors:

  1. Brazilian Walnut: Brazilian hardwood flooring is a hard and dense wood. It is specifically known for its resistance to marring, denting and wear. This imported walnut option is sure to be durable against the biggest and toughest paws.
  2. Maple: Hard Maple is a top flooring choice, and is a domestic product. It’s been used as a surface for basketball courts so it is a great option to withstand pet traffic. An important note to keep in mind is that hard maple is different than a maple. It’s a specific type that has impressive hardness ratings.
  3. Cork: If you’re looking for a unique wood floor, consider cork. The material is non-slip, and is impervious to hard impacts. It can also be refinished, and even repaired in the case of a gouge making it a great pet-friendly option.

Bring your furry friend by the showroom to see our wood flooring options in real life.

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